Where are you in your marriage? 

Do you feel there is no hope? 

Are you struggling but want to fight for your family? 

Are you doing well but wonder if God has even more for you as a couple?  

Is your marriage amazing but you wonder if it's possible it could be even better? 

This class is for you!  Join with other couples who are going through exactly what you are.  God can do great things in your marriage if you will give Him the chance.  Kingdom Marriage will begin this Sunday, January 8 at 10:00am.  We will be starting right at 10:00 because there is so much great material to cover in a short time.  We can't wait to see you there!!!




The Story of Us Series, by Family Life. Couples enjoy Funny How Life Works Video Comedy from Michael Jr, discussions from the book, What's Your Story, and Ask Your Questions Segment. You can click on the event on the right of this page to find out more about this current series and to register for the upcoming LifeGroup Date Night.

Huggins shared the series, Keep the Fire Burning and each Session was presented as Logs you add to the fire to keep the flame alive and intentionally work on your relationship. Couples experienced Couples Game time, Log Discussions, and a Q&A session.

The Power of Humility in Your Marriage Series, by Family Life. Couples enjoyed the comedy, discussions from the book, and Q&A session.

The Gospel and Your Marriage Series, by Family Life. Couples enjoyed the song "The Gospel", discussions from the book, and Q&A session.

Your Marriage Has a Mission Series, by Family Life. Couples enjoyed activities, discussions from the book, and Q&A session.

Huggins original, Marriage & Ministry Series, where Guest Speakers from HVBC spoke about their experiences being Married and working in Ministry together. Couples enjoyed activities, stories from Guest Couples on the ministries they worked on or are currently working on together, and Q&A session.

Huggins original, That's Why This Marriage Ain't Gonna Last, Fireside Chat Series. Couples enjoyed topics from the That's Why This Marriage Ain't Gonna Last Series in a Fireside Chat setting where Guest Couples from across the U.S. called in to give stories of how they handled those topics in their Marriage.  Couples who attended via Zoom asked questions.

Vertical Marriage Series, by Dave and Ann Wilson. Couples enjoyed videos & discussions from the book, games, and Q&A session.

Art of Marriage Connect Series, Building your Marriage to Last. Couples enjoyed discussions from book, warm ups, activities, and couples projects.

Love & Basketball by Sis. Varetta & Bro. Graeme Huggins. This series included the journey of the Huggins Love Story broken down by Quarters.  

Laugh your way to a better Marriage by Pastor Mark Gungor. Topics included intimacy, his brains, her brains, 4 countries, and more.