Hampshire View Baptist Church (HVBC) is your home away from home.  At HVBC, our multi-cultural members are what sets us apart from other churches.  

During a service you may hear a heartfelt solo in Spanish, listen to a prayer done in French, witness members dressed in Indian Saris with Choli tops or African attire, be greeted with hand shakes or hugs, hear conversations in Filipino or Tagalog or hear messages in English...  Our members are diverse, loving, friendly, kind, and compassionate, and they share the same spiritual belief that there is one living and true God.  At HVBC, our goal is to love on our Visitors and Members as we strive to know God and to make him known

So whether you are originally from another country, speak several languages, prefer to wear your cultural attire or just seeking a church where people truly love and show compassion for each other, Hampshire View Baptist Church would love to be your home away from home.... 


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Going Public

Doug Moorman | August 23, 2017

Once there was a little boy who grew up in a little town and worked in his fathers home based business.   As it was for centuries, it was the custom of the day...

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P.R.A.Y. Strategy

Doug Moorman | August 1, 2017

In our P.R.A.Y. strategy, Praise tops the list of how we should approach our God. Psalm 22:3 reminds us of what praise means to both us and our God 3But thou art holy, O...

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