Her&HiSTORY Couples

Couples who are married, engaged or coupled are challenged as they attend a date where they can laugh, sit together (without kids), learn about things they can do better to improve their relationship, and have healthy discussions about certain topics in their relationship.  We meet on Sundays at 10:00 a.m. in the multi-purpose class.

Current Series

Family Life's Art of Marriage Connect Series, Building Teamwork in your Marriage.

Previous Series

Art of Marriage Connect Series, Building your Marriage to Last. Couples enjoyed discussions from book, warm ups, activities, and couples projects.

Love & Basketball by Sis. Varetta & Bro. Graeme Huggins. This series includes the journey of the Huggins Love Story broken down by Quarters.  You don't want to miss the story and life lessons shared during discussion time.

  • 1st Quarter: Boy Meets Girl.
  • 2nd Quarter: Boy Gets Girl.
  • 3rd Quarter: Girl Gets Boy.
  • 4th Quarter: Girl & Boy Gets a Boy & Girl.

Laugh your way to a better Marriage by Pastor Mark Gungor. Topics include intimacy, his brains, her brains, 4 countries, and more.  If you are up for a good Christian laugh, hold on to your seats as you will be giving your spouse the look and laughing at the same time…

That’s Why This Marriage Ain’t Gonna Last by Sis. Varetta & Bro. Graeme Huggins. This series included skits on topics such as Intimacy, Conflict Management, He Leads, Directions, Communication and Finance.  Attendees also got to use their mobile devices to participate in online surveys.

Her&HiSTORY Home Edition

Couples meet at a couple’s home during the week and continue discussions and enjoy a fellowship time with dinner. We are always looking for our next residence to host this Life Study Group. Please let us know during our Sunday class if you would like to host a Home Edition.  Come join us as we strive to intentionally improve our relationships…